Gusts of New: My Hopes & Prayers For You & I

Redwood Forest, October 2021

At any time in our lives we are able to notice the way an image displayed on our desktop, a trinket from an old friend, or a picture hung on the wall no longer brings inspiration or aligns with the pathways laid out in our heart. At any time we can have a gust of longing to make room, to make way, to make it happen, and the new year brings a collective cooperation in energy to take first steps, and give the skin we shed a proper burial.

I am not excused from the collective reflection and pulling-out-a-blank-page spiritedness, even though truth-be-told, I sometimes internally roll my eyes at many “new year, new me” slogans, but the optimistic can-do cheerleader that lives in me perks up at any opportunity to change and start again and re-align–I can’t help that.

A fresh start, an open and new map, a new blank journal, an accepted truth about ourselves that we now need to apply, and therefore we have to move some things around, bidding some those things farewell, allowing ourselves to be introduced to new. In the last few years this has been an ongoing theme for all of us. More so than any other time in history, all of us are noticing what is and is not ringing true to the voice inside ourselves. We are looking at the thoughts and patterns that we’ve consciously and unconsciously clung to, and noticing these causes rather than living in the effects as victims, and we are empowered by the awareness.

With this fresh gust of change in the Gregorian calendar year, I hope you practice embodying the highest version of yourself on a daily basis. Whether it is a year of going the extra mile for yourself, or perhaps it’s taking more short-cuts and enjoying your harvest–whatever rings true for you, I hope you do just that.

I hope you actively participate in what raises your vibration, and have the courage to acknowledge what does not lift you, then I pray you practice using your will to refrain from participating in it. I hope that every habit that was destructive, or dulled your essence, or distracted you from much-needed alone time with yourself, is recycled into a new habit that uplifts you and reminds you of who you are.

I pray that when you are moved by a song in your heart, you sing it, and when you are called to pray and bring a reverence into the room, you do it despite all circumstances. I pray you embrace the power of your heart and give in to who you are by default. I hope everything in the way of that surrendering gets sillier and sillier to abide by, with every passing minute.

I hope that the people who come into your life enjoy seeing you radiate and respect your sanctuary, even if they are feeling low. I pray that you also acknowledge your state of mind when you are low, and allow others to beam. I hope that it doesn’t take you winning something or another just to be a loving and encouraging person. I pray that you see more and more every day that your default setting is of victory, despite all exterior circumstances.

I pray that the spaces you walk into and are invited to bring you vivaciousness and harmony. I pray you are surrounded by people who walk their talk and ignite your respect for their integrity. I hope all of your relationships bring you closer to yourself, and allow you to simply be.

I pray that all of your beautiful daydreams dance around your skin in real time. I pray the sounds and the colors that circle your world are kisses for all of the cells in your body.

I pray your voice leaps out from your heart like thunder when it is time to be brave. Then I pray your voice is a soft and watching pond when you are stung, tired or in pain.

I pray you remember how deeply loved you are, and swim in that remembrance consistently throughout your day. I pray you remember your simple loving awareness is enough, and you are enough, as you are, where you are, infinitely.

I pray the expansiveness of the universe brings you to your knees and that you are deeply satisfied with The Great Mystery of it all.

I pray that you are reminded of how very much alike you are to both those you admire, and those you feel friction toward.

I hope the very fact that the sun rises every day, lifts you into affirming you are made of the sun itself, and you too can start again and again and again–as many times as you like, and this also does not end.

I pray that what has passed is mourned and celebrated and praised for what it has brought you, and also for what it has taken away. I pray that when great grief latches itself onto your chest, you take it in and feel it deep in your bones, allowing it to be the very ship that carries you back home.

I pray you give yourself grace and time in a world that demands you spring back and slap on a face that serves–I hope you see the illusions for what they are and choose to stay in your authentic primal animal body. As we collectively steer the man-made systems toward being in harmony with the universe, restoring balance and defying the shoulds and should-nots, I pray you keep in the forefront of your mind how influential and powerful your individual healing is for all of us. You do not need to hurry and pace and produce. You are right to take a moment and breathe. You are right to take a month, a year, a decade if you’d like, to breathe.

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