The River Tree

There once was a River
in love with a Tree,
from his bark, to his roots,
to the valley he feeds.

"I'll show him my heart.
How close can I get?"
she sang in sweet day-streams
around his grass bed. 

One day he was swaying,
blown by the Wind--
all her whisping beauty
enveloping them.

"How I long to move you,"
the River cried out.
"But look what the Wind did--
I'm grateful somehow."

He spent his days glowing,
warmed by the Sun.
His branches were growing,
inviting everyone.

"If only you could absorb me--
feel all I have within,
but look how you're giving
to the world we're both in."

River spent her time laughing,
felt the love from his leaves.
They played in the soil.
They kissed through the breeze.

Every night he was shining,
all silver bright green.
The Moon she was smiling,
upon everything.

"What's it like to be up there--
beaming down from above?
Is it only from up there,
he feels any love?"

River cried as the Rain fell,
the earth drinking in.
She grew tired of drowning,
and decided to swim. 

She was led to the Ocean.
She danced with the Wind.
The Sun rose in the morning,
and the Moon smiled again. 

My love is the Wind,
the Moon 
and the Sun. 
My love is the Rain.
Our love is One. 

My love is the Wind, 
the Moon and the Sun.
My love is the Rain. 
All Our Love is One.

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