Pulled Into The Sky By My Feet: Poems in July


make room for your desire,

to dance and be danced,

by dancing.


For Lift Off

I loosen my grip on the rope of things.

I pull my shoulder blades together,
curtains drawn for morning sun.

I rest my eyes where earth meets sky,

and sing all of it a love song.

Also For Lift Off

Unwind the thread with your fingertips,
as you sit by the edge of water.

Dance it down to it's finest
and foremost strand.

May your orbit be as light as this
for my body to hold.

All is forgiven and nothing is lost.


Let there be a lovingness

in the symbols you speak,
the shapes your limbs make,
through time and space,

in your steps to the sink,
in the way that you leave,
and in the ways that you choose to stay.


There are poems that want to become, their presence in the bowl of my hips.

I carry them like green fruit. I cradle their clean faces.

I ask what only they have answers to.

They respond in a series of trade winds, or I'm pulled into the sky by my feet.

They ask for water, a nap under that tree I saw,

for me to dance in the dark with my eyes closed,

and then to stare at the sphere,

of web and dust,

just a little longer.


What I Do

I dance with the shadows I make on the walls,
my reflection and I two playing children.
I paint stars on fish scales,
give water to what wants watering.
I stretch when I feel like stretching,
where I feel like stretching,
and I spend a lot of time pondering
the history and validity of social norms and taboos. Like,
why is it so odd to stretch, to dance,
to sing, or praise in public spaces? The very things that keep us alive.
I don’t like following a standard curriculum,
an itinerary, or the news.
I listen to the spirit of things, and follow breadcrumbs–
what invigorates the curious and playing child in me?
I love knowing that play is good for us,
and playing helps the mind learn and retain information,
and it is an act of rebellion to do it,
and it is what adds the aliveness to being alive.

Question any sudden strong emotions as they come–
get to know the messages they long to send. Where is the contrast and where is the resonance? Accept it and be as selective as you need to be about what you attune to. Life is meant to be lived with everything we’ve got.

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