It is through sound and poetry that I have been able to stay swimming in streams of hope, find meaning in the midst of chaos, and express from my heart what cannot be expressed with words alone–there needs to be a rhythm, a pattern, a shape for communicating matters of spirit.

Words, and our voices that make out the sounds of these symbols, have the power to transform, invent, renew and build our inner and outer worlds. This belief is at the core of my work as an artist, and as a living human being, because our “work” is never isolated to what brings monetary currency–our work is embodied in the energetic currencies shared in all of our relations. A single series of words–spoken, read, or heard from another–can alter the course of a day, a year, an entire lifetime and beyond. Words are alchemical processes, spells, carriers of matter.

As I use my voice in this life I am deeply appreciative of your interest in my creations, whether it be my poetry, music, writing or illustrations. I put all of my heart and sincerity into everything I am a part of, and I welcome invitations to collaborate in any way.

Let’s co-create!

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