It is through sound and poetry that I have always been able to cling to hope, find meaning, and express from my heart what is unexplainable in plain conversation.

Words, and our voices that make out the sounds of these symbols, have the power to transform, invent, renew and build our inner and outer worlds. This belief is at the core of my work as a writer, artist, editor, then also as an aunty, sister, friend, teacher, student, coworker, and stranger, because our “work” is never isolated to what brings monetary currency–our work is embodied in the energetic currencies shared in all of our relations. A single series of words, spoken or heard, can alter the course of a day, a year, an entire lifetime and beyond.

I currently offer a wide variety of services ranging from copy, content and ghost-writing, then editorial services, to tarot readings, and breath-work coaching.

Over the last year I have taken a leap from teaching full-time, to seeking outlets for my voice to ring out. As I maneuver through this cocoon phase, I am deeply appreciative of your investment in my work, whether that be my writing services, my readings, my coaching, or my art. I put all of my heart and sincerity into everything I am a part of, and I welcome invitations to collaborate in any way.

What People Say About My Services


“Alix is amazing to work with and she delivered top-notch bios for two of our directors, including me. I enjoy working with her because of her professionalim, timeliness, flexibility, and excellent writing skills. We look forward to working more with Alix in the coming weeks.”

Karisa, The Ocean Blue Project

Tarot Reading:

“…her movement, breath, “being” was very intentional throughout the entire process. She has genuine energy and creates lovely visuals that enhance the meaning of each card..”

Kirah Orian, Educator & Humanitarian


“Alix’s energy alone is amazing–a single conversation puts me at ease. Learning to tune into my breath using the techniques she has shared has been life-changing and I can never thank her enough.”

Destiny Zellinger, Educator & Coach

Let’s build something together.