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  • Lion’s Gate Poems ’22: Love & Presence

    Lion’s Gate Poems ’22: Love & Presence

    I am a witness of the nest shared by two eagles, about 9 miles from our apartment. A river is heard collecting mineral, wing, song, seed. I am of this concoction of creative matter, onlooker and looked-upon, where “active” and “still” become one, the longer you see. A lover alongside my lover, a lover alongside […]

  • Discovering the Meaning of ‘Religion’ and ‘Spirit’ as a Child

    Discovering the Meaning of ‘Religion’ and ‘Spirit’ as a Child

    I feel like sharing stories surrounding religion and spirit in my life. I remember being in elementary school in the 2nd grade, where most of my classmates were Mormon, and a boy in our class started from one end of the lunch line to the other as he individually asked “Are you Mormon?” and if […]

  • Made of All

    There once was a River in love with a Tree, from his bark, to his roots, to the valley he feeds. “I’ll show him my heart. How close can I get?” she sang in sweet day-streams around his grass bed. One day he was swaying, blown by the Wind– all her whisping beauty enveloping them. […]