Category: Creative Non-Fiction

  • Writing is inviting a few monkeys into your home to do away with order, politeness, all of the value placed on this stone, a gift, your prayer mat. It all becomes Holy, everything of equal importance. The Reverence for the shrine, as deep of a bow as The Great Honoring for the coffee pot, every […]

  • Freeflow Friday (ll)

    We are as beaming as the moments we spend tending to the dark. “How willing are you to consider that you are the source of your own suffering?” -Questions Before We Begin The moments come–the ones where you are right where you need to be to see 3 prisms in the sky, find agate on […]

  • 2/13/2022

    I have set out to write a love poem, having had poetry in my mind all day with you. But the poem has vanished, and every word feels like it cheapens the music that is living on the tip of my tongue. So this is a poem not wanting to be chased–all spirit and summer […]