Editing Services

From manuscripts, academic essays, marketing plans, to cover letters and resumes, I have a passion for ensuring words are aligned with their intended message, creating the exact response you need from your readers, for the outcome you desire. I am skilled in copy, content, developmental, and line editing, as well as proof-reading and ghost-writing, all of which are described in detail below.

I provide all clients with a courtesy sample of up to 5 pages edited, a free 20-minute consultation, and a thorough process of ensuring I can provide you with what you need.

Being that I am gaining experience as a freelance editor, my rates are affordable, and fall in line with the industry standards of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Pricing is by the hour, and for projects that do not require a full hour, a flat rate will be incurred.

Email write@alixveronica.org

Copy Editing

With a sharp eye for grammar hiccups, and the ability to hone in on what your audience will perceive, I sweep through your words and ensure you are delivering the exact message(s) you are wanting to convey, free of copyright infringement or plagiarism, and highly accessible to your readers.

Content Editing

From a bird’s eye view I will look at the overall structure, in both content and visual aspects of the layout of your words, to create optimal comprehensibility.

Developmental Editing

Need someone adept with looking at the “bigger picture”, the progression of events, and the overall pacing and flow of your writing? Does your story need an experienced, intuitive and observant reader to analyze it’s flow, and identify gaps you may not know you have overlooked? Do you need someone skilled at critiquing the essential elements and build-up of your ideas?

Line Editing

For passages, sentences and sections of your writing needing in-depth care, allow me to use my poetic eye and to help you infuse your words with the precise elements you desire.


I go through your every word and sentence with a fine-tooth comb to ensure there are no spelling, grammatical or sentence structure errors. Similar to copyediting, but grittier in terms of really getting technical about every tiny usage of punctuation and word-choice.


If you have something you need to convey but cannot put into words, I am able to take your intention and your desired outcome, and infuse exactly what you are trying to convey into a message you feel is your own. With a keen sense of awareness of voice and tone, and an expansive palette of experiences to draw from, I am able to place myself “into your shoes” and extract the exact message you are trying to send, for the purpose you are sending it, to then be easily and effectively received by your targeted audience.