Healing Services

It is an honor and a joy to now be offering these services to people outside of my inner circle. Over the past 15 years I have collected and implemented a variety of techniques for self-healing, as taught to me by mentors, healers and guides of many faiths and backgrounds. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner of 10 years, with a background in Education, and a passion for singing, writing, and dancing. I believe in the power of using your voice and moving energy via meditative techniques and recitation of mantras, sounds and affirmations.

In the last year I have been working one-on-one with individuals, providing tarot readings and breath-work guidance. My services have organically grown into also creating customized guided meditations, that allow for the necessary energy to take place in the body and mind, so that healing may begin, and new neural pathways can take form. Energy moves matter, and with practices in place that allow for: truth to be sat with, your inner child to be celebrated, and the highest vision of yourself to be actualized, your life can, and will follow suit.

A Little of My Story: Cultivating a practice of my own, which incorporates the power of breath, mantra, and consistency, has allowed me to heal and thrive in spite of having suffered from long-term sexual abuse as a child. I believe everyone and anyone can heal themselves and live full, vibrant lives, no matter what they are experiencing, or what they have endured. We have the power to heal ourselves, make ourselves new, and be victorious.

I offer Meditation Guidance, Breath-work, and Tarot Readings, all of which are explained below. Please fill out the contact form, then I will respond to you within 3 days.

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Meditation Guidance

I create customized meditation guides based on the current state of your mind, heart and spirit. After we conference, this meditation is especially made for you, recorded and posted as a private YouTube link for you to access as many times as needed.


I teach and guide you through techniques for using your breath as a tool for alleviating anxiety, relieving tension, and remaining calm and clear-minded in the face of life’s challenges.

Tarot Readings

Following a conversation where you explain the purpose of wanting a reading, (giving as little or as much information as you feel comfortable), I record the entire process of the reading for you, also including a write-up for you to refer to. I also provide you with a meditation and/or questions for your reflection. Sometimes I feel called to include art, a passage from a book, or whatever else may arise in support of your reading.