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  • All at Once, There Were Roses: June Newsletter

    All at Once, There Were Roses: June Newsletter

    Mmmm, June in the Pacific Northwest. Strawberries are abundant and sold on roadsides. People are taking their parties, business, art, cats, and hammocks to parks and forests. The melted snow, iced and piercing to the skin, coils itself through river beds overgrown and green. Orchestras of insects are announcing their rebirth between grass and vine.…

  • May ’23 Musings & Updates

    May ’23 Musings & Updates

    It has grown especially strong these last few days–an inner pining wanting to express, connect, to create something out of the invisible soup brewing in my chest. So here we are! I decided to start once-a-month newsletters, to blow on this yellow ember a bit more that misses pouring my heart out. In this post…