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  • On Beat, poem written 2.23.23

    On Beat,                             poem written 2.23.23

    The messages become louder the more you listen— acknowledge them, thank them, walk with them. Lay them in the sun to behold themselves, these symbols on your map key, upholding The Majesty of Your Heart. Surrender to these winds that say, to shift and leave and move and stay. Invite them to your blood to…

  • Everywhere a Ceremony: Poems on Rituals

    Everywhere a Ceremony: Poems on Rituals

    ~ On a bathroom floor that is not my own, a silent wail– face red, split open like the drought of the earth drinking rain, veins of my neck and arms awakened pythons, water breaths through parted lips, open palms to sky I send: “All of me is aching,” and, “How do I manage this…