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  • May ’23 Musings & Updates

    May ’23 Musings & Updates

    It has grown especially strong these last few days–an inner pining wanting to express, connect, to create something out of the invisible soup brewing in my chest. So here we are! I decided to start once-a-month newsletters, to blow on this yellow ember a bit more that misses pouring my heart out. In this post…

  • Everywhere a Ceremony: Poems on Rituals

    Everywhere a Ceremony: Poems on Rituals

    ~ On a bathroom floor that is not my own, a silent wail– face red, split open like the drought of the earth drinking rain, veins of my neck and arms awakened pythons, water breaths through parted lips, open palms to sky I send: “All of me is aching,” and, “How do I manage this…

  • Lion’s Gate Poems ’22: Love & Presence

    Lion’s Gate Poems ’22: Love & Presence

    I am a witness of the nest shared by two eagles, about 9 miles from our apartment. A river is heard collecting mineral, wing, song, seed. I am of this concoction of creative matter, onlooker and looked-upon, where “active” and “still” become one, the longer you see. A lover alongside my lover, a lover alongside…