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  • How to Create Your Own Religion:

    How to Create Your Own Religion:

    Invite. Observe the ecstatic moments that occur in your body throughout life, taking note of the details, and without discriminating against their form–welcome in these customized pleasure wavelengths as they are, and pursue them. Be pulled by what gives your spine, your feet, your wrists, your ears The Surge of Delight. Call upon the names […]

  • Discovering the Meaning of ‘Religion’ and ‘Spirit’ as a Child

    Discovering the Meaning of ‘Religion’ and ‘Spirit’ as a Child

    I feel like sharing stories surrounding religion and spirit in my life. I remember being in elementary school in the 2nd grade, where most of my classmates were Mormon, and a boy in our class started from one end of the lunch line to the other as he individually asked “Are you Mormon?” and if […]

  • The Power of Being Aware of Your Power feat. A Freedom Field Meditation

    We all have an inherent composition of the divine components that make up God, then we experience the world and absorb a collection of Less-Thans, leaving us forgetful. The purity of a childlike spirit who remembers this connection, then becomes a threat, a fear, a symbol of what they think they themselves do not possess. […]